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Save time and money with a simple, patient-friendly finishing appliance developed for aligner treatment. 


We work the way you work.

Whether you use intraoral scanning technology – or prefer to send in impressions or work models – we’ve got you covered. Now, you and your staff can manage your custom appliances however works best for your practice.


Option 1: easyrx® Digital Prescription Submission

Prescribe in minutes with the easyrx digital prescription management system. TP Orthodontics has partnered with easyrx to provide practices with an efficient way to submit scans and customized prescription forms. Simply upload digital scans and files to the secure, cloud-based network, and use the convenient drop-and-drag workspace to submit your clear, concise appliance designs to our lab. easyrx saves you time and gives us instant access to your files. You can even create custom templates for your commonly prescribed appliances. No more hand-written forms, messy impressions or bulky models.

Don't have a digital scanner? The easyrx system gives you the flexibility to easily create and manage prescriptions, using a complete library of appliance parts. Simply store and manage your prescriptions online, print the Rx forms and send in impressions and models to get the same exceptional service and quality.

Outside of the United States? easyrx is a great way for our International customers to receive high-quality appliances made right here in the USA with no-cost outbound and minimal return shipping charges.


Option 2: Standard Prescription Submission

Download prescription forms and shipping labels and send your models or impressions to the TP Orthodontics Laboratory Service site in your region.

Outside of the United States? Contact your local TPO branch or email for assistance in handling your order. We now offer many of our international customers appliances made right here in the USA with minimal shipping charges.

For the best service and on-time delivery, please provide clear, readable prescription information, including:

  • Your account number
  • Doctor or group practice name
  • Shipping address
  • Patient's full name
  • Variations to appliance design

We store routine special instructions for all your appliances in our database. Our technicians retrieve your requests each time they work on your case.

Well-sculptured models in good condition ensure you receive high-quality, best-fitting appliances. Please check models or impressions for distortions or missing structures. We may request new materials if a model or impression is distorted. To ensure precise sizing, please remove archwires before taking impressions if brackets must be carved off models before making appliances. When carving is necessary, we prefer plaster models to stone to create accurate construction of bites.

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About TP Orthodontics Laboratory Services

Technical expertise, innovative technology and friendly, responsive service ensure you get appliances crafted with expert workmanship and quality materials from one of the most trusted orthodontic companies in the world. Since 1942, we’ve been providing high-quality custom orthodontic appliances to meet the needs of all types of cases.

Our lifetime guarantee gives you added confidence that our appliances perform to your expectations. If an appliance fails during prescribed wearing time, for any reason other than patient neglect, we will repair or replace the product at no additional cost. Whether you prescribe online or in writing, you know you'll receive superior service and clinical expertise from TP Orthodontics Lab Services.

Products and Services:

  • Originator® Clear Aligner System
  • Positioners
  • ABO Specified Model Sculpture Service
  • Economy Model Sculpture Service
  • Spring Aligners and Hawleys
  • Active, Functional and Fxed Appliances
  • Flip-Lock® HERBST®
  • Retainers
  • Custom Perfector Appliances
  • Space Regainers and Maintainers
  • Expanders and Arch Developers
  • Mouthguards
  • Habit Appliances
  • Model Sculptures